Over 30 years of experiance in the HVAC business serving Elmore county and surrounding areas.




 - Gas Furnace  
 - Gas Furnace Repair  - Gas Furnace Installation
 - Electric Furnace Maintenance  - Electric Furnace Repair  - Electric Furnace Installation
 - Heat Pump 
 - Heat Pump Repair  - Heat Pump Installation
 - Filter Supplies  - Ultra Violet Light Bulb Replacement  - Ultra Violet Light Installation
 - Preventative Maintenance  - High Efficiency Air Filtration  Systems  - Gas/ Wood Fireplace & Pellet Stove Service and Repair
 - Water Heater Repair /
  - Humidifier Maintenance  - Humidifier Installation


 - Air Conditioner Maintenance  - Air Conditioner Repair  - Air Conditioner Installation
 - Heat Pump Maintenance  - Heat Pump Repair  - Heat Pump Installation
 - Filter Supplies  - Ultra Violet Light Bulb Replacement  - Ultra Violet Light Installation
 -  High Efficiency Air Filtration

Indoor air quality is a  growing concern, with more and more people suffering from allergies and asthma.  Contaminates circulating through your ducts, such as mold, mildew, mites, animal dander, and pollen can aggravate these conditions.  Having your air ducts cleaned can dramatically improve air quality and rid ducts of these contaminates.  In this case what you can't see CAN hurt you.  With our video assisted duct cleaning system, we are able to go past what you can see at the surface and give your ducts a thorough cleaning, leaving you with fresh, clean and virtually contaminate free air.  We also offer dryer vent cleaning, to help your dryer operate more efficiently.
                                                                                                                                                         Product and service highlights
We are constantly researching and comparing products so we can offer the very best to our customers. Therefore, we have chosen the HVAC products represented here because of the dependability of service and quality of design. 


Product details
Goodman is the brand we prefer to offer to our customers. We have many models of furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners to choose from. We also have many other brands such as Carrier to cover any preference. We sell various indoor air quality products such as Aprilaire air cleaners and custom sized filter housings with replaceable media filters. Electronic air cleaners, humidifiers and UV lights.
We also sell thermostats ~ simple to programmable ~ with Honeywell being one the best performers.
* We always have media filters for all types of systems.
* We also have Aprilaire air cleaners and filters.

* Free Estimates on new or upgrade equipment and systems.
* We do system inspections!



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